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Benefits of Compressed Earth Block

Aesthetically Pleasing - Most people who choose this kind of construction, find they love the look of the block. The exterior can be coloured or left natural. the finished home blends perfectly with the natural world.

Cost and Energy Efficient - The most important benefit of Compressed Earth Block building is the energy savings. The thermal mass quality alone defines the strongest attribute of Compressed Earth Block and will result in energy savings for the life span of the building.

Fire and Pest Resistant - In the harsh Australian conditions many homes have been lost due to frequently occurring fires, and we are all familiar with the white ant, or termite problem. Compressed Earth Block is fire, bullet, sound and pest resistant.

Soundproof - Compressed Earth Block is very dense. It is perfectly suited for construction of recording studios. You won't have to put up with the intrusion of the external sound clutter. Your home does become your castle.

Non-Toxic - Compressed Earth Block making is a non-toxic process. It is ideal for people suffering from chemical sensitivity.

Durable - The fact that some of the oldest structures on Earth today are made of earth is a testimonial to the durability of this building material.

Made on Site - Compressed Earth Blocks are commonly made on building sites, this reduces the cost of transportation and the carbon footprint associated with it.

Environmentally Friendly - Considering the blocks don't have to be fired or transported and are made from local resources, this would have to make it the most eco-friendly building material.