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Mogo Mud Bricks

We manufacture and deliver superior quality puddled mud bricks across Australia. Our mud bricks look great and perform brilliantly with no dusting, crumbling, or eroding in the rain.

Soil is being used in countless forms of earthen architecture; places of work and worship, agricaltural buildings, city walls and monuments. In France 15 percent of rural buildings are made of rammed earth, and the United States is the leading consumer of mud bricks in the industrialised world.

There are perhaps twenty different methods of employing earth to construct walls, floors, and roofs of various dimensions and form. The compressed earth block was the first material to be used in the modern earth-building revolution, an entirely new building unit invented in the eighteenth century. This inexpensive building material can boast durability, thermal properties, aestethic appeal, and it greatly reduces the carbon footprint, as the blocks don't have to be fired, or transported when soil is being harvested from or near the building site.